Reseller Marketing Materials

If you have specific marketing requests please let us know! We are happy to create materials that will support your business and can share results from the 100+ documented case studies.

Air-Conditioning Case Studies: 

McDonalds 47% Savings

Top Ten Global Bank 27% Savings

7-Eleven 24% Savings

RBS 25% Savings

Hilton 34% Savings

Westpac 44% Savings

Domino's 52% Savings

CHI Residences 41% Savings

Sanofi 15% Savings

Ovolo Hotels 58% Savings

ASM Pacific Technologies 33% Savings

HGC 26% Savings

Kimberely-Clark 35% Savings




Refrigeration Case Studies:

Outback Steakhouse 35% Savings

Marriott 24% Savings