CoolGreenPower Exhibiting at GreenBuild 2017

Will you be in Boston for GreenBuild this year? Or in the area and want to come to the GreenBuild Expo for free? Sign up for the Expo and visit us from November 8th - 9th at booth number 363.

We will be showcasing the retrofit add-on COOLNOMIX®. The energy efficiency device reduces cooling costs on average by 30% through superior temperature control. 


Medford Tech Installs COOLNOMIX®

Medford Technical High School received a grant in February from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) for COOLNOMIX® devices and energy monitoring equipment from CoolGreenPower. Students in the HVAC and Electrical concentrations will learn about COOLNOMIX® and build clean tech job skills.

The MassCEC is a publicly-funded agency that seeks to dedicate aid in the success of clean energy technologies, companies and projects in Massachusetts, all while creating jobs and economic growth for the state. “By fostering the relationship between early-stage companies and customers in the public sector, we can help bring market opportunities to the Commonwealth’s entrepreneurs and provide innovative solutions for Massachusetts residents,” said MassCEC CEO Stephen Pike. “We are pleased to support this partnership between CoolGreenPower and Medford Vocational Technical High School.” 

CoolGreenPower is excited to work with the school to help them achieve smarter, more efficient and effective cooling systems with COOLNOMIX®. 

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COOLNOMIX® is now a customized incentive with Hawai‘i Energy

CoolGreenPower is now a Hawai‘i Energy Clean Energy Ally. Hawai‘i Energy has a mission to empower the people of Hawaii in efforts to have smarter energy choices to reduce consumption in the advance of a greener future. Hawai‘i Energy seeks to educate families and businesses on the benefits of energy-saving decisions such as saving money, reducing electricity imports, and growing the economy. To be a Clean Energy Ally is to be part of a network of contractors, architects, engineers, distributors, manufacturers, and retailers who provide energy-efficient products and services with a goal of saving energy and money in homes and businesses. CoolGreenPower is thrilled to collaborate with an organization that is so focused on the future of Hawaii and its green energy initiatives.

CoolGreenPower’s add-on retrofit technology, COOLNOMIX®, reduces energy consumption for commercial and government organizations that use air conditioning or refrigeration. Installation is simple and only takes an hour to start saving significant energy. Payback is rapid, typically reducing building energy consumption 5%-18%.

Hawai‘i Energy’s customized program evaluates energy saving technologies such as COOLNOMIX® on a case by case basis to determine reduction in energy use. If energy reductions are projected, COOLNOMIX® technology would be considered for a project. For customized projects, incentive amounts are based on projected first-year energy savings and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by Hawaii Energy Specialists. To learn more, please reach out to Mike Zhe at CoolGreenPower, email or call 617-505-1004 x105.