At CoolGreenPower LLC, it's our mission to achieve a future where cooling is smart, efficient, and effective.  

Our first product, COOLNOMIX®, is

  • Smart to save money

  • Efficient to reduce energy usage 

  • Effective to maximize comfort


Developed and produced by Agile8 Consulting Limited, an international consulting firm, COOLNOMIX® found its footing in the European and Asian commercial markets with more than 10,000 units installed abroad.  As the US distributors of COOLNOMIX®, we are proud to bring this incredible third-generation technology to organizations in the United States. 

 The COOLNOMIX® product is a small (4.5 x 6 in.), smart device that works in tandem with existing air conditioning and refrigerating systems to automatically optimize energy usage.  COOLNOMIX® can reduce cooling bills by an average of 30%. For more information visit the How it Works.  



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Full Money Back Guarantee in the first 90 days

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3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Even after your device has paid for itself, it will keep working hard to save you money.  

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Have installation questions?  We've got installation answers.  We will do whatever it takes to make it easy for you to start saving.