air conditioning

35% average savings

unit sizes

AC-01 500 - Systems ≤ 5 tons

AC-01 501 - Systems > 5 tons

AC-01 CRAC - Data Center systems > 5 tons


Air conditioning systems waste a great deal of energy when their compressor run unnecessarily.  With two temperature sensors, COOLNOMIX® knows exactly when the compressor is needed.  Its patented energy trading algorithm, known as Optimized Refrigerant Supply® (ORS), then optimizes run times to reduce compressor operation and better maintain desired temperatures.  

With COOLNOMIX®, you can start saving almost immediately.  Installation is non-invasive, requires no changes to your current infrastructure, and takes less than an hour do. The procedure can be easily accomplished by your existing HVACR technician or facilities engineer. Of course, we will be there to support you with any questions you may have.

COOLNOMIX® currently delivers superior cooling quality in systems ranging from 2kW to 105kW in size. It is also compatible with most vapor-compression systems including Roof Top Units, Air-Handlers, Split Systems. Smart software allows COOLNOMIX® to meet your needs and maximize your efficiency, regardless of system size all with a rapid payback of 1-3 years! 

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