CoolGreenPower is committed to enabling our channel partners to profitably address the needs of your customers.  When you join the CoolGreenPower partner program, you get access to product discounts, free enablement training, collaborative joint-marketing initiatives, a variety of sales and technical tools, sharing of best practices, and exclusive access to partner news, webinars, and resources.

Deal registration is a core element of our channel program.  A core component of deal registration is a tool designed to protect partner deals in order to enable and motivate channel partners to invest in pre-sale activities and focus their channel efforts. CoolGreenPower uses the comprehensive information about each deal—customer details, descriptions, quantities, dates etc. - submitted by a partner to ensure duplicate registrations will not happen. Once an opportunity is accepted as a registered deal (e.g., one that is not currently registered by your company, sales team, or another channel partner), a notification is sent to the partner informing them that their deal is protected for a reasonable, mutually agreed time period.

CoolGreenPower will feature the clickable logo on our website for each partner that will connect directly to the partner’s website.

Partner Diversity

CoolGreenPower seeks a diverse selection of channel partners that help better connect with a diverse community of end-buyers, from women to minority communities and veteran-owned businesses.

Types of Partners

Sub distributors – Sub distributors provide services including sales and technical training, marketing and demand generation support, opportunity development support, and quote/order processing.  Sub distributors identify and manage resellers and referral agents.  Sub distributor can resell and install COOLNOMIX® if they choose.  Sub-distributors must hold COOLNOMIX® stock.  

Resellers – A reseller will buy our products at a discount and resell them to customers.  Resellers are expected to install COOLNOMIX® products and earn 100% of COOLNOMIX® installation services. Resellers are not permitted to resell to other resellers. Resellers are not required to hold stock.  

Referral Agent – A referral agent is focused on providing COOLNOMIX® sales leads and is compensated a referral fee when a lead is converted and funds are collected.   Referral agents are not required to hold stock but are required to purchase at least one COOLNOMIX® demo unit. 

Product Pricing

All partner agreements prohibit the publishing of any COOLNOMIX® prices in the public domain. This policy is not just for the US but for all geographies around the world where COOLNOMIX®is distributed.  Partners will NEVER find COOLNOMIX® offered on Amazon or other online marketplaces because this practice is prohibited in all agreements and all geographies.