Will installing a COOLNOMIX® device void the warranty on my cooling system?

Installing a COOLNOMIX® is just like changing a thermostat.  In other words, it's non-invasive and therefore won't affect your warranty.


Is COOLNOMIX® compatible with my current cooling system?

COOLNOMIX® works with most air conditioning and refrigeration systems.  Even the most modern inverters report significant savings.  However, COOLNOMIX® is not compatible with freezers or water-chilling systems.  


How can I tell what COOLNOMIX® will save my business?

We'd love to give you a ROI estimate to help show you just how big of a difference COOLNOMIX® could make for you.  Please visit our Contact Us page and send us your electricity rate, unit size (kW, or tons cooling, or BTU’s), hours per day of operation, days per week of operation, and your city and state.  We will be happy to calculate your rapid payback, annual savings  and reduction in emissions for you as well.


Why haven't I heard about this product before?

COOLNOMIX® was just recently certified for sale in the US, and we're are working hard to get the word out! Please feel free to like, tweet, or otherwise share the benefits of COOLNOMIX® with friends, family, and colleagues. 


 I'm still not sure...

We stand behind our product and our savings 100%.  We offer a 3 year product warranty that in most cases outlasts the payback period.  It is low-cost so why not just try it and start saving? If you're in the Massachusetts area we'll even come down and install COOLNOMIX® for free so you can see just how much it can do for you.