Frequently Asked Questions

Is the compressor damaged due to the more frequent stopping and starting?

No, avoiding wasted compressor runtime extends the life of the compressor, which is the primary component that determines DX cooling system life expectancy according to OEMs. COOLNOMIX® has multiple built-in compressor health safeguards, such as helping the existing control system maintain a minimum of 3 minutes off and a minimum of 3 minutes on. COOLNOMIX® has been safely operating at two US Military bases for more than 3 years and overseas at sites for more than 7 years.

If my DX cooling system has a very high SEER/EER rating, will I still get the benefits from installing COOLNOMIX®?

Yes. There are COOLNOMIX® installations on high efficiency DX systems that are realizing 20% or higher energy savings.

If I have advanced controls (e.g., BMS/BAS), will I still get the benefits from installing COOLNOMIX®?

Yes. BMS/BAS do not measure the energy efficiency of the compressor, nor do they optimize compressor run-time.

Will installing a COOLNOMIX® device void my DX cooling system product warranty?

Installing COOLNOMIX® is just like changing a thermostat. It's non-invasive and therefore won't affect your warranty. Besides, only a fraction of installed DX cooling systems are still under warranty.

If COOLNOMIX® is so good, how come OEM manufacturers have not yet incorporated it?

We have not approached OEMs about incorporating COOLNOMIX® technology. We expect the technology will get more recognized as COOLNOMIX® add-on technology products are deployed by major businesses and government agencies at scale in the US. There are conversations underway with major OEMs overseas, but there are no public announcements at this time.

How many COOLNOMIX® devices will I need? Will I need one for every thermostat?

The answer depends upon the cooled space and the existing cooling system. In practice, there are multiple use cases where one COOLNOMIX® can serve multiple thermostats (e.g., packaged rooftop unit).

Is COOLNOMIX® compatible with a packaged rooftop unit that uses an economizer or a variable frequency drive (VFD)?

Yes, they are complimentary solutions. Economizers and VFDs help improve DX cooling system energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption associated with ventilation. COOLNOMIX® helps improve DX cooling system energy efficiency by reducing compressor energy consumption.

Can COOLNOMIX® exchange data with other systems (e.g., Building Management Systems, Building Automation Systems)?

In July 2019, COOLNOMIX® Connect was introduced, which enables COOLNOMIX® to connect with an Android device. The initial purpose was to improve the consistency and quality of COOLNOMIX® installation, commissioning, and operations. Development is underway to enable connectivity to other systems, and CoolGreenPower is seeking early adopters. Contact us if you are interested.

Is CoolGreenPower registered in the U.S. federal government’s System for Award Management (SAM)?

Yes, we are a registered Small Business under CoolGreenPower LLC.

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