Estimate Savings

To help stakeholders estimate economic and environmental savings from utilizing COOLNOMIX®, we offer two tools: our Online Savings Calculator Tool available below and our Excel Financial Analysis Tool available upon request.

Online Savings Calculator Tool

Estimated completion time is 2-3 minutes, with the results either displayed or received via email. Simply select the closest city to your location and the system will generate a default electricity rate, cooling degree days, and average cooling system percent savings with COOLNOMIX®.  You can override any of the default fields (e.g., change the approximate electricity rate to your actual rate if you know it).  Then, select age of cooling system, tons of cooling, and number of similar systems.  You can also add additional cooling systems if you have systems of different ages, efficiencies, and capacities. When you select “calculate,” the tool will generate your first year savings, ten year savings, and tons of emissions reduced per year for each system.  You can adjust any of the parameters and see how the results change.  

Excel Financial Analysis Tool

Our MS Excel based tool provides a more comprehensive financial analysis including annual savings, payback period, return on investment, internal rate of return, savings to investment ratio, reduced total emissions (tons), and net present value. The tool produces a single page printable summary including the projected cash flow and net present value over 10 years, the minimum lifetime for COOLNOMIX®. Contact us at or phone us at 617-505-1004.