Will Installing a COOLNOMIX® device void the warranty on my cooling system?

Installing a COOLNOMIX® is just like changing a thermostat and is non-invasive.  Your warranty will not be effected; only your energy bill will be.


How do I know what a COOLNOMIX® device could save my business specifically ?

We'd love to give you a ROI estimate to help show you just how big of a difference COOLNOMIX® could make for your organization.  Please visit our Contact Us page and send us your electricity rate, size of the unit (kW, or tons cooling, or BTU’s), hours per day and days per week of operation and your city and state.  We will be happy to calculate your rapid payback, annual savings  and reduction in emissions for you.


Why haven't I heard about this product before?

CoolGreenPower LLC was only just recently allowed to begin selling COOLNOMIX® in the United States as it had to be certified.  We are working hard to get the word out now about this product and the benefits it can provide to your business or organization.


Does COOLNOMIX® work with my system?

COOLNOMIX® works with every air conditioning and refrigeration system except for relatively rare water cooling systems.  For both old and new cooling systems, the software technology in COOLNOMIX® can save your organization significant energy waste.  


What if I'm still skeptical?

With our CoolGreenPower Backing, we eliminate your risk in trying our product.  By offering a full Money Back Guarantee in the first 90 days and a 3 year warranty, we ensure that you will only have to think about your savings.