public sector

CoolGreenPower™ is committed to helping our communities save. Whether it's schools, government facilities, military bases, or community centers, our product works for anyone and everyone with a commercial-sized cooling system. Not only will COOLNOMIX® reduce energy usage and lower electricity bills, it will decrease the green house gas emissions associated with energy consumption. As a resource for the masses, the public sector demands a great deal of energy yet must cultivate a safe, healthy environment. What better way to accomplish these tasks than with the help of COOLNOMIX® and CoolGreenPower™?



  • COOLNOMIX® underwent the DoD's Environmental Security & Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) .
  • The West Virginia National Guard is also a CGP client.
  • The Federal Agricultural Marketing Board of Malaysia uses COOLNOMIX® too.


  • Natick School District installed COOLNOMIX® in their walk-in coolers
  • Medford Technical Vocational High School was approved for DeployMass funding to install COOLNOMIX® in their walk-in's and several AC's
  • Wellesley college bought one unit for a walk-in
  • The University of South Pacific achieved  56% savings
  • Woodland Pre-Schools achieved 42% savings

  • The Yamsaard School achieved 37% savings
  • Wipro achieved 36% savings

community centers

  • Natick Senior Center installed COOLNOMIX® in their walk-in coolers
  • CoolGreenPower participates in Deploy MA. Green Communities.