Making the most of COOLNOMIX®

Wondering whether COOLNOMIX® is a good fit for your business? Learn more about how organizations have improved indoor comfort and reduced cooling energy consumption on average by 30%.

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Increase Your Comfort

 Our first concern is making sure that the temperature you set is the temperature you get.  

Reduce Your Costs  

Your operating budget shouldn't be dragged down by wasteful energy costs.  

Become More Sustainable

Not only does energy efficiency mean a lower energy bill but a contribution to lowering green house gas emissions.

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A Simple Change Saves Real Dollars

Set it and forget it. Once you add COOLNOMIX® to your existing HVACR system, it'll keep the temperature right where it needs to be.  No unnecessary fluctuations.  No wasted energy.  

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Case Studies

COOLNOMIX® has made a major impact in organizations worldwide. 

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CoolGreenPower Backing

We don't just believe in comfort when it comes to temperature; we also believe in customer comfort.

Full Money Back Guarantee in the first 90 days

We're making big savings low risk.  Why delay your payback any longer?

3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Even after your device has paid for itself, it will keep working hard to save you money.  

Customer Support

While using COOLNOMIX® is simple, we're here to help.  Call us with any questions you might have about installation or energy savings and we'll be happy to answer them for you.   

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    Estimate Your ROI

For an estimate of payback period, ROI, annual savings, and reduction in emissions, just send us your:

  • Electricity rate

  • Unit size (kW, or tons cooling, or BTU’s),

  • Hours per day of operation

  • Days per week of operation

  • City and state

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