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COOLNOMIX® is an add-on technology (AoT) for commercial direct expansion (DX) cooling systems that helps the existing control system improve the temperature stability and energy efficiency of the vapor-compression refrigeration cycle, resulting in a reduction of 20-40% energy consumption with the same heat load conditions.

COOLNOMIX® is introduced into the cooling system circuitry in series between the existing thermostat and the control unit. It does not require connectivity to work.

Utilizing two hard-wired precision sensors and a relay-based controller, COOLNOMIX® artificial intelligence will help the control system determine the optimal time to call for cooling, and then run the compressor at this time.

The control relay is usually closed, allowing the compressor to run normally. When the conditioned room temperature is within the COOLNOMIX® setpoint limit and the system has performed the necessary hydraulic work, COOLNOMIX® will open its relay. This interjection blocks the control system from signaling the compressor to run, preventing excess energy consumption and unneeded cooling.

COOLNOMIX® can only interject when the existing thermostat is calling for cooling.

COOLNOMIX® has been proven to decrease compressor runtime even as the outdoor temperatures increase.

With its dual sensors, COOLNOMIX® eliminates the major impact of minor temperature fluctuations in the space near the thermostat, and thus helps represent the cooling needs of the conditioned space more accurately than a thermostat alone. This leads to maintained or improved indoor comfort.

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COOLNOMIX® has built-in software safeguards against short-cycling that reduce inefficiencies and long-term wear on the compressor. COOLNOMIX® maintains a minimum relay open time of 3 minutes followed by a minimum relay closed time of 3 minutes.  COOLNOMIX® proprietary algorithms also allows the cold supply air temperature to rise to a point slightly below the cooling set-point. This prevents frost from forming on the evaporator coil (common in refrigeration use cases), allowing for sufficient air flow over the heat exchanger and eliminating the need for energy intensive defrost cycles or maintenance calls.

The controls for many cooling systems switch the evaporator fan (i.e. supply air fan) off at the same time as the compressor when the system has completed a cycle of cooling. However, the temperature of the evaporator coil does not increase significantly right after the compressor is cycled off. This is because there is still residual refrigerant flowing through the cooling system.  For certain installation use cases, COOLNOMIX® makes use of this remaining refrigerant and allows the evaporator fan to run after the compressor has turned off.  By allowing additional air flow to pass over the evaporator coil, additional cooling can be provided to the conditioned space. Even with the accompanying increase in the average evaporator coil temperature, systems with COOLNOMIX® are able to handle latent loads effectively.

The COOLNOMIX® technology is fully patented: US, ICT, and other geographies around the globe. COOLNOMIX® branded products for air conditioning and refrigeration that have been used in multiple industries, property types, cooling system types, and climates. CoolGreenPower has been the master distributor for COOLNOMIX® branded products in the US market since May 2015.

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