How It Works 

COOLNOMIX® is a retrofit add-on energy efficiency device that uses internationally-patented Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS)® technology to optimize your cooling system's energy use, increase temperature accuracy, and save your organization money.

Smarter Cooling

1.  Improves the monitoring of space temperature to predict cycles and eliminate calls for cooling that waste energy.

2.  Optimizes the compressor dynamics by an energy trading algorithm which minimizes energy wasted during normal operation.

3.  Prevents ice build-up on the evaporator coil to improve air flow, maintain performance of the heat exchanger, and eliminate energy-intensive defrost cycles and dripping. 

Cooling Systems


Most air conditioning and refrigeration systems cool through the use of an internal compressor that condenses vapor into a liquid.  At a certain point during operation, all the vapor is in liquid form. Since you can't compress liquid further, the compressor begins to run inefficiently but it keeps running because the system hasn't reached the desired temperature yet.  


The Solution

You don't need the compressor to waste energy in a sprint to the finish when the fans are going to keep the cold air coming anyway.  The COOLNOMIX® ORS® technology shuts off the compressor once it has done enough work to reach the desired temperature with the liquid it has already condensed.  This keeps the temperature more precisely at the desired set point and as a result, all of your cooling needs are met without wasting energy or sacrificing comfort.



Refrigeration devices are subject to a build-up of ice on the evaporator coil.  As a result, most commercial systems have periodic defrost cycles to prevent damage to the coil.  Frozen evaporator coils are dangerous and can lead to product malfunction, increased maintenance fees, and shortened product lifespan; but defrosting comes at a serious energy cost when the system has to get back down to temperature.

The Solution

COOLNOMIX® and its ORS® software can predict and prevent ice build-up on the evaporator coil while always keeping temperature accuracy as the first priority.  Less ice buildup means less equipment depreciation, fewer ice-related maintenance costs, and a significant increase in energy efficiency for your system.  With our unique ORS® software, your refrigeration system gets common sense improvements to save you money.

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