Always use a certified HVACR technician or electrician to perform a COOLNOMIX® installation.  Ideally, the person or company that maintains the cooling system is the best resource to install COOLNOMIX® since they would have the greatest familiarity with the existing equipment. However, in our experience, very often the installer is different than the person or company who maintains the HVACR system as they have the expertise to install COOLNOMIX® properly, which includes making sure that the exiting system is being maintained properly. The first time they install COOLNOMIX®, it could take up to two hours.  An experienced installer can complete an installation in under one hour.

There are two stages to a successful COOLNOMIX® implementation: Site Survey and Installation.

Site Survey

The site survey is typically performed during normal cooling system operations.  A thorough site survey enables a rapid, smooth installation either on the same day or on a different day. Major steps are:

  • Capture built environment information, including

    • occupancy / usage characteristics for each cooling space

    • thermostat model, locations(s), and settings

    • cooling system nameplate, components, availability of power, controls

  • Confirm that the existing thermostat(s) and cooling systems are in good working order

  • Determine

    • where COOLNOMIX® will be installed (e.g. indoors, outdoors) and installation method

    • where the two sensors will be located and whether they need to be modified or their wiring extended

    • the power and control connections for COOLNOMIX®

    • materials and tools required for installation

  • Document decisions and learnings


Installation is typically performed early in the day in order to be the least disruptive to normal business operation and to finish before the rooftop heats up during the hot part of the day. Major steps are:

  • Install and configure COOLNOMIX® device, including dual sensors and setpoint

  • Install COOLNOMIX® power and control connections

  • Commission COOLNOMIX® using COOLNOMIX® Connect

  • Document installation

Note:  For installations taking place on a different day than the site survey, it is critical to reconfirm that the existing cooling system is in good working order, since one should never install any energy efficiency add-on technology to an electro-mechanical systems that is not in good working order.

Under the Hood

Under the Hood.png

Figure 1

COOLNOMIX® CONNECT – A small, board level electronic component with six female pins. Allows COOLNOMIX® and mobile device to wirelessly exchange data via Bluetooth


Figure 2

AC Power Terminal - Terminal where COOLNOMIX® device is powered. COOLNOMIX® power range: 90 – 250 Vac

Control Relay Terminal - Normally closed (NC) relay terminal that controls the operation of the air conditioning system

Heat Pump Reverse Cycle Switch - Sets COOLNOMIX® to operate on a dual-cycle air conditioning system. If the switch is set to ON, COOLNOMIX® will go into bypass mode when it senses the AC system is in heat mode

Setpoint DIP switch - Switches used for designating the COOLNOMIX® set point. Settings are labeled on the COOLNOMIX® device per Figure 1


Figure 3

Cold Supply Sensor - Used for collecting temperature measurements at the cold supply air side of the cooling system

Return Air Sensor - Used for collecting temperature measurements at the return air side of the cooling system

Reset Button - Used to reset COOLNOMIX®

Diagnostic LEDs -  COOLNOMIX® operational status