Bringing COOLNOMIX® Savings to the US


CONCORD, MA -  From Hong Kong to the US, change is here.  It looks like a 4.5"x6" box, but it acts like a machine when it comes to efficiency optimization.  There's nothing small about a 30% reduction in air conditioning and refrigeration costs.  In May, COOLNOMIX® became UL certified and installations in the US have been snowballing ever since.  

With dual temperature sensors and internationally patented optimization software, COOLNOMIX® knows your cooling systems better than they know themselves.  By operating the compressor with more efficient behavior, COOLNOMIX® ensures that the desired temperature is achieved, but with significantly less energy usage.  

With over 10,000 devices installed worldwide, COOLNOMIX® has reduced the operating costs of hotels, restaurants, data centers, and office buildings in the Asian and European markets.  When Hilton Hotels installed the device at their Gatwick Airport location in the UK, they saw their air conditioning costs drop by 34%. Restaurants like Outback Steakhouse and McDonalds have had respective savings of 63% and 47%!  When it comes to increasing system efficiency, there are a few reasons why COOLNOMIX® does it better than any other product like it on the market. 


Often organizations that would love to increase their energy efficiency can't simply because it is difficult to get the capital to do so.  At CoolGreenPower, we understand that. We are pricing COOLNOMIX® so that it is a low cost solution to reducing your system waste.  While the payback varies depending on the conditions, on average, COOLNOMIX® pays for itself in 1-3 years.  


With the help of an HVAC technician, COOLNOMIX® installs in under an hour and is non-invasive.  The device connects to the system thermostat .  That means no changes to infrastructure and no worries about upsetting your system warranty.  With a quick install, you don't have to waste your whole day to stop wasting energy.  


We care about reducing total energy use and making it easy for organizations to do that.  On top of our manufacturer's 3 year product warranty, we are offering a Money Back Guarantee in the first 90 days.  If a customer doesn't see the savings that they expected; they keep the savings and get their money back.


We are excited to be bringing increased energy efficiency to cooling systems in the US with COOLNOMIX®, a low risk, low cost solution that installs in under an hour.  If you are interested in bringing savings to your organization or becoming a reseller, please Contact Us or call us at 617-505-1004.


-  CoolGreenPower:  More Savings, Smarter Cooling