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For organizations that use air conditioning or refrigeration, COOLNOMIX® is an inexpensive energy efficiency device that both the energy usage and cost of cooling. On average, COOLNOMIX® reduces air conditioning by 35% and refrigeration by 25%. 



Your regular technician can easily attach COOLNOMIX® to your existing thermostat. At 6in x 4.5in, the device is small and non-intrusive.


An internationally patented smart algorithm called Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS®) prevents unnecessary temperature fluctuation.  


When the room reaches its specified temperature, COOLNOMIX® shuts off the compressor, saving energy and saving money. 




Improve the monitoring of space temperature to predict cycles and eliminate calls for cooling that waste energy.


Optimize the compressor dynamics by an energy trading algorithm which minimizes energy wasted during normal operation.


Prevent ice build-up on the evaporator coil to improve air flow, maintain performance of the heat exchanger, and eliminate energy-intensive defrost cycles and dripping.










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A build-up of ice on the evaporator coil causes most most commercial refrigeration systems to engage in periodic defrost cycles to prevent damage.  Unfortunately, constant defrosting has a high energy cost. In addition, evaporator coils that experience frequent freezing can lead to product malfunction, increased maintenance fees, and shortened product lifespan.

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Many air conditioning systems use internal compressors that cool air by cyclically condensing vapor into liquid.  At a certain point during operation, all vapor is in liquid form. While unable to further condense the liquid, most compressors continue running as the system has yet to reach the desired temperature. This causes the system to surpassed its cooling needs and compensate for over-cooling with excess energy use.  


The ORS® software can predict and prevent ice build-up on the evaporator coil while maintaining temperature accuracy.  Less ice means less equipment depreciation, fewer ice-related maintenance costs, and a significant increase in efficiency for your refrigeration system. 

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ORS® shuts off the compressor once it has condensed exactly enough liquid to reach the desired temperature. Fans will continue to distribute the cold air throughout the room.  This improves the temperature precision of your air conditioner  saving energy, saving money, and increasing comfort. 

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1. power connection

Where COOLNOMIX® gets its power.  Anywhere between 90 and 250 volts will do. 

2. relay 

Where COOLNOMIX® connects to an existing thermostat

3. temperature control

The red icons depict all of the 16 temperature settings that COOLNOMIX® can support.