case studies

COOLNOMIX® saves an average of 35% on air conditioning and 25% on refrigeration. Click a column header to sort, or scroll down for individualized case studies on data centers, restaurants, hotels, schools, and convenience stores.

Want an individualized estimate? Our savings calculator will show you just how big a difference COOLNOMIX® can make for your business. 

Organization Equipment Savings Sector
Carpenters Fiji Ltd 3 x AC's wall-mounted and window types 70% Real Estate & Rental
Coco Tangalle Singer AC - 12,000- BTU 70% Real Estate & Rental
UAE Exchange 3 ton Carrier AC in UAE exchange outlet 69% Finance & Insurance
Kahanda Kanda Panasonic AC (Inv) - 36,000 BTU Guest Room 65% Accommodation & Food Services
Elysium LG AC - 24,000 BTU 60% Accommodation & Food Serivces
Prima Master Bank Panasonic AC 59% Finance & Insurance
Ovalo Mitsubishi wall-mounted AC's 58% Accommodation & Food Services
Certis Lanka 12,000 BTU wall-mounted LG AC in office 58% Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
Vision Care Akiko AC - 9,000 BTU 57% Retail Trade
ARS Futuro Ducted Split, 2 x 3 ton 56% Health Care & Social Assistance
Quality Hotels PTAC, 1 ton 56% Accomodation & Food Services
Roa Poueriet Ducted Split, 5 ton 56% Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
University of South Pacific Panasonic AC 56% Education Services
Budget Ducted Split, 5 ton 55% Retail Trade
IBIS Hotel Panasonic AC 53% Accommodation & Food Services
Domino's Pizza 12,000 BTU Fujiair AC in manager's office 53% Accommodation & Food Services
Dalsan Ducted Split, 4 ton 51% Retail Trade
Fook Key Industrial Celing Cassette AC's 50% Manufacturing
Hogs Breath Café Refrigerator 48% Accommodation & Food Services
7-Eleven Setia Puchong: 1 x Daikin; 2 x Panasonic Inverter AC's 48% Retail Trade
HSBC Sai Kung Branch: 2 x 20kW DX Package AC's 48% Finance & Insurance
Lanco Paints AC 47% Retail Trade
McDonald's Package AC 47% Accommodation & Food Services
Wellcome 8 COOLNOMIX™ units across 8 indoor AC units 47% Retail Trade
Seri Malaysia YORK Wall-mounted 2.5hp AC 46% Accommodation & Food Services
Flextronics Technology LG 3-phase 11TR AC 46% Manufacturing
Drinks 2 Go Ducted Split, 5 ton 45% Accommodation & Food Services
The Portal Bar Gree AC 45% Accommodation & Food Services
Westpac, Gordon Bay2 x 20.3kW Split AC systems (inverter) 45% Finance & Insurance
PT. Pertamina (Persero) 45% Mining
The Helena May Daikin AC 44% Finance & Insurance
Westpac, Neutral Bay 1 x 36.7kW Packaged AC systems (single speed) 44% Finance & Insurance
Fashion Store Panasonic AC (Inc) - 12,000 BTU 43% Retail Trade
Family Mart (Supapong store) 3 x Inverter AC's 43% Retail Trade
7-Eleven Daikin Cassette AC 42% Retail Trade
Apple Hotel Galanz AC 42% Accommodation & Food Services
CHI Residences Daikin AC 42% Accommodation & Food Services
Wooland Pre-Schools Mitsubishi Inverter AC 42% Education Services
Banco Fihogar Ducted Split, 5 ton 41% Finance & Insurance
Hong Kong Cricket Club Daikin Ceiling Cassette AC 40% Arts, Entertainment & Recreation
Star Properties AC 40% Retail Trade
UK Aerospace Mitsubishi Inverter AC 40% Manufacturing
Hotel Sitara Grand 1.5 ton Split Inverter AC in guest rooms 40% Accommodation & Food Services
Buckinghan Place LG AC - 24,000 BTU 39% Accommodation & Food Services
Novetel Daikin AC 38% Accommodation & Food Services
Ocean Park Package AC (totalling 303kW) 38% Arts, Entertainment & Recreation
HSBC Quarry Bay Branch: 4 x Daikin VRV/33 IDU's 38% Finance & Insurance
Outback Steakhouse Walk-in Refrigerator 37% Accommodation & Food Services
Yamsaard School AC 37% Education Services
Kahanda Kanda Singer AC - 9,000 BTU Spa 37% Accommodation & Food Serivces
Pala Pizza AC 36% Accommodation & Food Serivces
Wipro Voltas 2TR AC 36% Education Services
Corazones Unidos Hospital 5 tonne AC (Emergency Dept) 35% Health Care & Social Assistance
Kimberly Clark Sharp AC 35% Manufacturing
ASM Pacific Technology Mitsubishi Daiya Package AC 34% Manufacturing
Hilton Hotel Mitsubishi Inverter AC 34% Accommodation & Food Serivces
Le Bar Wine Bar AC 34% Accommodation & Food Serivces
Federal Agricultural Marketing Board York 1hp wall-mounted AC 33% Public Administration
Periodico Diario Libre AC 33% Information
Richmond Greyhound Racetrack Refrigerator 33% Arts, Entertainment & Recreation
Calamander Unawatuna Beach Resort signer AC - 18,000 BTU 33% Accommodation & Food Services
HSBC Waterloo Rd. Branch: 3 x Daikin VRV/29 IDU's 33% Finance & Insurance
MARA YORK Cassette 2.5hp AC 31% Accommodation & Food Services
Shangri-La Hotels 10m^2 walk-in Refrigerator 31% Accommodation & Food Services
Asia Asset Finance Fresh Air - 18,000 BTU 31% Finance & Insurance
7-Eleven AC's + Refrigerators (Total Electricity Bill) 30% Retail Trade
Aster Split, 2 ton 30% Arts, Entertainment & Recreation
Certis Lanka 24,000 BTU inverter AC in server room 29% Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
Caribe Tours Ducted Split, 15 ton 30% Arts, Entertainment & Recreation
Sino Land Midea Inverter AC's 29% Real Estate & Rental
Wellington Point Hotel 6 x AC's; 4 x Refrigerators (Total Electricity Bill Savings) 29% Accommodation & Food Services
Cabanas Obsecion Ducted Split, 3 ton 28% Accommodation & Food Serices
Flemingotn Markets Refrigerator 28% Retail Trade
Asian Alliance Insurance Panasonic - 13,000 BTU 28% Finance & Insurance
PCCW Daikin Wall-mounted AC's (Remote Equipment Sites) 27% Information
Hutchinson Global Communications Daikin AC (Remote Equipment Sites) 26% Information
Caltex North Ryde 2 x Actron 28.3kW reverse cycle split ducted systems 26% Retail Trade
Omega Hospitals 13 IDU's across 2 Daikin VRV Inverter AC's; ~40TR 26% Health Care & Social Assistance
Shine and Shine 3 x 750m^2 Industrial Refrigerators 25% Manufacturing
RBS Airedale Alpha Cool - UPS Room Cooling capacity of 27.4kW 25% Finance & Insurance
EnviroTectural Daikin AC 24% Accommodation & Food Services
Fairwood 20 tonne AC (Main Centralized Kitchen) 24% Accommodation & Food Services
JW Marriott 3hp Refrigeration 24% Accommodation & Food Services
EASI 3 ton AC 23% Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
Mannings Cassette AC's 23% Retail Trade
Breakers Country Club 5 x Temperzon 47kWr packaged AC system 23% Accommodation & Food Services
Fitness First 3 x Packaged AC systems 22% Arts, Entertainment & Recreation
Bernama Split-type AC (Server Room) 21% Information
CTM Daikin AC (Server Room) 21% Information
Circle K Carrier Ceiling Cassette AC's 19% Retail Trade
Club Marconi Refrigerator 18% Arts, Entertainment & Recreation
Family Mart (Haitarat 3 store) 4 x Ceiling Cassette AC's 18% Retail Trade
Grand Hyatt 16m^2 Copeland Refrigerator (3kW compressor) 18% Accommodation & Food Services
Sanofi Liebert CRAC 17% Manufacturing
Malee Grocery Store AC + Refrigeration (Total Electricity Bill Savings) 15% Retail Trade
Camperdown Cellars 25m^2 5kW Refrigeration 15% Retail Trade
Bonnie Doon Golf Club 1 x Bitzercompressor supplying cool room and bar fridges 15% Accommodation & Food Services
Fairwood Refrigerator (Main Centralised Kitchen) 13% Accommodation & Food Services
CEAT 8.75TR Voltas Package AC 11% Manufacturing
Fairwood Custom-built Ducted AC's - 2x20hp (Restaurant) 10% Accommodation & Food Services

data centers

 On average, data centers use more energy to cool their facilities than to run their computers. That's a lot of energy! With the addition of COOLNOMIX®, data centers can begin saving almost immediately. On average, data centers that use COOLNOMIX® save 30% on air conditioning, 30% on refrigeration. With this level of savings there are endless possibilities for the future. 


The trial of COOLNOMIX® at the Royal Bank of Scotland campus in West Edinburgh resulted in energy savings of 25%.  This data suggests a payback on COOLNOMIX® of less than one year and an annual savings of 13,140 kWh on the 27.6 ton capacity system.  

Sanofi cools its sever room with two dual compressor air conditioners. After installing COOLNOMIX® their high energy consumption dropped by 15%



With food to keep fresh and customers to keep content, restaurants make consistent use of both refrigeration and air conditioning. With the addition of COOLNOMIX®, restaurants can begin to spend more on quality food and atmosphere, and leaving the cooling to us. 

Air conditioning costs fell by 47% when one of the fast food chain's locations installed a COOLNOMIX® device.

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By installing a COOLNOMIX® device, a location was able to reduce their refrigeration costs by 37%.

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Banks must provide foyer cooling as well as cooling for their computational devices. Often equipped with a data center, financial institutions can burn through more energy cooling computers than running them! 

When HSBC piloted COOLNOMIX® devices in the fall of 2015, the difference in energy consumption was clear.  One location saw an energy savings of 33.2% when 25 of their 29 indoor fan coil units operated with COOLNOMIX®.  Full installation would have meant a 38.5% energy savings over that period. 

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Hotels cater to a large number of customers on a 24-7 basis. Not only do they need to meet the unique cooling needs of these customers, but they often have adjunct restaurants that need to store food. Diverse cooling needs call for COOLNOMIX®! See our success stories below. 

After the Hilton London Gatwick Airport installed COOLNOMIX® devices to improve their air conditioning, they reduced their cooling costs by 34%, a savings of 462 kWh annually.

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After installing COOLNOMIX® in one of their locations, Ibis reduced its air conditioning costs by 53%.
After just seven days of adding a COOLNOMIX® device to one of their walk in refrigerators, JW Marriot used 24% less electricity. 

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By installing COOLNOMIX® in their Hong Kong-based lifestyle hotel, Ovolo was able to reduce their air conditioning costs by 58%. As a result, they now save 1,589 kWh annually.  

convenience stores

convenience stores are a haven in the summer. With cooled interiors they are able to sell perishable goods as well as give customers a break from the hot sun. Long drink isles in the back call for refrigeration too! COOLNOMIX® can reduce these energy cost in no time.  

 After installing four units in one location, 7 Eleven saw their air conditioning costs decrease by 42% per month. Now COOLNOMIX® devices have reduced the store's overall electricity use by 29% and have started saving the store $800 per month.




Similar to hotels, many universities house and feed students almost year-round. On top of that, many schools, both universities and K-12, must provide temperature control in their academic buildings. Such vast cooling requirements can no doubt benefit from COOLNOMIX®. Read about our success stories below. 

In 2013, Woodland Pre-School had five AC-01 COOLNOMIX® units installed. Over the course of two months, the school saved an average of 29% on electricity.  

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As a place where people physically and mentally exert themselves, gyms must provide a comfortable and cool temperature so that gym-goers don't overheat. Keeping the air conditioning on uses up a great deal of energy, so why not use COOLNOMIX® and get the even better results for a lower price? Keep you and your customers happy.

In November 2015, Fitness First installed three COOLNOMIX® units. While the AC is turned off at night, the gym is open seven days a week. After a month with COOLNOMIX®, Fitness First saved 22% in energy usage.

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What with shoppers coming in and out, retail stores not only use a lot of energy but lose a lot of energy. On a hot summer day there's no better escape than a department store! With COOLNOMIX® you'll avoid temperature fluctuation and use less energy, all while achieving the same cooling. 



When you're making something for the masses, you're going to use a massive amount of energy. Machine parts working around the clock means cooling systems working around the clock too. Why spend so much on cooling expenses when you can get better temperature control and save money with COOLNOMIX®? Now spend more on making a great product.