Average 30% Energy Savings

Product: AR-01 

Sizes: 700, 701

A great deal of energy is wasted in refrigeration systems when the compressor runs when it is not needed.  For instance, when the doors of a walk-in refrigerator are opened, the inrush of warm air can trigger a call for cooling that may not be needed. With two temperature sensors, COOLNOMIX® better knows when the compressor is needed.  Smart software optimizes run times to maintain desired temperatures and reduce compressor operation. 

Easy Installation

With less than an hour for installation, it is easy to start saving with COOLNOMIX®.  Your HVACR technician or facilities engineer can easily install COOLNOMIX®.  The installation is non-invasive and requires no changes to your current infrastructure.  



Currently systems ranging in size from 2kW to 105kW are successfully using COOLNOMIX®. There is no limit to the size we can support.  Easily scale up to meet your needs and maximize your efficiency.